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August 29 2005
Finally a night with no homework.
What a relief.
I'm so sick of homework.
Im gonna try not to be so negative soon.
Right now Im just not feelin great.
I'll be back soon with some happiness...
- J4(()8

Dang. No comments

August 25 2005
Yall suck.
No comments?
I didnt make the tennis team.
I made the first cut though.
I like making jokes.
I hate let-downs.
I like phusebox.

J |= |2


August 20 2005
A few days worth of getting to bed late and bein in the sun doin stuff has got me quite tired. Im watching Lord of the rings.

I feel pity for myself.
Then I feel like my pity has been wasted.
I count the bad things.
Then I count my blessings.
Im depressed.
Then Im full of happiness.

Im tired.
Im goin to bed.
Gunite all... - jacob

I like school now.

August 18 2005
Skoo b coo.
Im happy with tonite although I wasnt recentlyer today.
nice word - recentlyer.
I like hangin with my friends.
Isnt that nice.
Go Warriors!
Latin be for the true language crazy people.
Its interesting.
Im filled with happy.
Leave me comments on this poem.

The Poem of my school

I like the school
It fills my backpack
Hurts my back.

Has good people
Does fun stuff
Lets you ride the crazy bus with central kids.

Has a schedule with long walks
Gives you lunches with all of your friends.
Has machines to take your cash and give you unhealthiness.

Heres a poem.
No rhyme.
No structure now.
Give a comment.

Look at that guy!

August 17 2005
I thought that maybe that would get people to read this entry thinkin it was interesting.
It has a funny story.

We were in latin today and we were learnin words.
One word was Laborant. With a little line above the o.
Mr. Ogles asked what it reminded us of.
Everyone said labor...
Except the girl behind me,
at the top of her voice yells out...
That was funny as a baby peeing on someone.
Go high school...
Im startin to really like life...
Backpack almost complete...
- J 4 ( () 8

Day 1 Dun

August 15 2005
Day 1 is done.
I had a successful but LONG day.
I gotta go to bed cuz I have a headache.
Hope Im not sick.
That would suck.
Im gonna ride Bus 84 home from school tommorrow.
Talk to yall lata.
- J 4 ( () 8


August 14 2005
I cant believe Im in high school.
I'll be short tonite cuz I gotta get to bed early.
Today was good.
My friend Jessica had a goin a way party cuz she's goin to UT.
That was sad but I couldnt stay for more than 15 minutes which kinda sucked.
Oh well.
She'll be back soon.
I'll miss her alot...
Talk to yall after the FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!
Yall comment...
- J 4 ( () 8

The last weekend

August 13 2005
I have a lot to do this weekend.
Im babysittin for some church kid as an, as my mom says, outreach.
Im makin my own backpack out of a hoodie cuz I want something different.
Write letters to grandmas.

Heres a little poem.

The lazy animal poem
There once was a dog
Who sat on a log.
There once was a cat
who got really fat.
There once was a fish
who floated in a dish.
There once was a bee
who just watched t.v.
There once was you
who read this piece o poo.

- J 4 ( () 8

- edit

I survived the babysitting job!
I feel 35 big bucks richer.

Holla - J 4 ( () 8

Go PhuseBox

August 12 2005
These things are great.
-Talk to people you normally wouldnt get to talk to much.
-Tell people who dont care about your problems
-Give you something to do before bed.

These things are so much better than those stupid xanga diary sites.

Yall rock on the comment-o-meter.
- J 4 ( () 8

Riverdale is so cool

August 11 2005
ya...you know it.
Today was awesome.
1st period I know nobody and dont like the class.
I had tried to change to Ancient History but it didnt work.
I have to fill out a switch-class card thing.
2nd period Ive got Coach Loveless for health.
He seems relaxed.
Im in there with Addie and Jack.
3rd period ive got some guy whos never taught before.
Hes very interesting...
Its a bunch of sophmores.
Thats latin by the way.
4th period ive got Mr. Horton Anns dad for Physical Science honors.
Its awesome.
Hes cool and lots of my Cason Lane and McFadden friends are in there.
5th period ive got Algebra 2 advanced honors.
The teacher is cool - Mr.Paris
Im in ther with Jenny, Jade, and Kyle.
6th period is advanced honors english 1 with Mr.Barham.
Ive heard hes good.
Kyle, Kathryn, Andrea, Nisha, and a buch of other people are in there.
Ive got second luch which is has lots of my friends.
I love high school...
- J 4 ( () 8

p.s. - if high school actually sucks, dont tell me.

- edit

Join this group Stupid Freshmen if you be a freshman


August 10 2005
This summer has gone by way too fast. Its suprising how time flies as you get older every year. I wish that I had cherished the time a little better, but that cant be helped now. High schhol is going to be incredible. I can't wait to have good lunches and more students. I have a lot of honors/advanced honors classes so this year might be tough, but Im getting the harder stuff out of the way so that by my senior year I'll have room for fun. I hope that the weeks are short and the weekends long so that I can get my summer relaxation. Hope tommorrow goes well...
- J 4 ( () 8

What a weirdo

August 08 2005
I read my post and said to myself," what a weirdo!" haha. not funny...I was tired and crazy last night. I think I need to calm down. lol. Im too hyper. talk to much. but...I CAN DRIVE! lol. What am I doin...

- J 4 ( () 8

- edit

I wanna make up a weird word/sound to type.
hmm let me think.
Heh heh heh.
- J 4 ( () 8

Just Keep Tryin

August 07 2005
I've been tryin to not complain, but its so hard when you get confused...and everyone gets mad...and then you just feel depressed for an hour or two... I just wanna fit in but I feel like Im not even who I am, or even who I wanna be. Im so confused and songs keep rushing through my head until I wanna explode. I think Im gonna go crazy if I dont find a friend who actually relates to my personality, or even someone within my brainwave. I feel alone yet I have friends, I feel sad yet I have so much to be grateful for, I feel tired but want to push on. Then all of those feelings are reversed and I dont know what to do. I guess Im lucky for what I have but Im frustrated with myself. Im gonna go to bed and stay asleep till 10 at least tommorrow. I wanna explode. My friends complain to me and dont understand when I try to complain to them. Forgive me for complaining. Pray for me to have calmness please.

I need someone to understand.

Thanks for lettin me talk to yall.
- jacob

Gonna Change

August 06 2005
I talk a lot about things I shouldn't waste my breathe over. I think I should just relax and go with the flow more. Why am I tellin yall this?


August 04 2005
I was riding my bike to my friend Jessica's at 9 tonite. Matt was ridin my bike so I rode his sisters walmart bike. Right when I started gaining speed and moving, the gear fell out and it started sliding. It slid sideways and I slid along the pavement for about 6 feet or somethin. I was goin pretty fasr and it hurt like crap. I got a huge bruise on my thigh, a burn patch and a few layer thick cut into my leg, and a crazy scratched up elbow. We got the rocks out at least! I feel stupid. I didnt cry though., even though this was one of my worst accidents.
Other than that today-
- I went to Bentley's and we worked on the math packet for algebra 2 honors. Its stupid but we cut up a lot so that it wasnt so bad. We have to work again tommorrow and the next day.
- I almost finished A walk across America!
- I played video games.
- I got my TI-83.

Im goin to bed now.
Comment me and Ill get ya back soon.
- J 4 ( () 8


August 03 2005
My dad keeps groundin me for dumb stuff every time I move. He said that we had to stop leavin the lights on, then I forgot once and my sister forgot once and we got warnings. Then today someone came over while I was gettin ready and I left the bathroom light on. So he grounded me for the day from phone, video games, outside, and my movie at 4. This sucks but I guess I coulda gotten worse...

Joys of summer

August 02 2005
A List of The Good of Summer

Mountain visit
South Carolina

photo from MyB0XCaR
I love driving...
New friends in neighborhood

okay then.

I miss the school people. I haven't talked to anyone face to face in forever.I got a little hair cut. I wanted to get a group together to hang out but it never works out so I just gave up. Oh well. I can't wait for high school because I want to see more people my age. I only have a few people my age to hang out with in my neighborhood, but they're okay. I think Krystal commercials are wierd. I gotta take some good pictures some day soon. Last round I didnt get any good ones. I'll have to go do something with fun people or something. Yall leave comments that I can respond to. Talk to yall again soon.

- J 4 ( () 8


August 01 2005
Hot flashes?
Dont worry your too young for menopause.

I love driving.
Its like you're part of the car.

Do you enjoy school?
I dont...

Fresh step cat litter has wierd cats.
I've never seen a cat raise its hand like that.

Im getting writing ideas from the tv.

Raven was funny when she was little.
Oh The Cosby Show.

9 Olivias.

Im out. Leave comments on the... statements.

- J 4 ( () 8

- edit

TIME FOR THOSE PICTURES! I have to get then from my dads office computer since the cord is up there with the software. Im gonna have to do it tommorrow. I also have to turn in my Application. Yea I know Ive been forgetting. Im so thirsty. I'll be your best friend if you leave a comment...

Xanga Work

July 31 2005
Im tryin to fix my xanga. I havent saved the changes yet so It looks the same even though Ive done a lot. Im changin the background a bit and doin some other little tweakes.
- B0Xcar


July 30 2005
I just finished my Ritters application. Im turnin it in and prayin for a job. Hope I get a job. See yall soon.

J 4 ( () 8

- edit

I hate this little kid in my neighborhood. Pain in the butt. He thinks hes cool. Hes a nerd. 10 year old. I like commercials for Febreeze. I like lots of commercials. I dont like summer reading. Im tired. I went swimming. I like swimming. I like diving. I gotta go to bed. Im takin cooper out to pee. Good nite all.