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My ever tricky Sophomore year

August 11 2006

1st period  - Keyboarding w/Humphres / computer applications (I didnt ask for comp. app. so im gonna change it)

2nd Period - Latin II Honors w/Ogles (more translations ugh.. good people in there though)

3rd Period - Visual Art I w/Perkins (I'm gonna enjoy this one except for my adhd freshman neighbor whos gonna be drivin me nuts in there)

4th Period - English II Adv. Honors w/Yokeley (Since I was gone my friends kindly told her that i talk alot, great first impression of me. haha)

5th Period - Biology I Honors w/Vaden (Only one friend in there but at least i dont have Ms. Smith, her project sucks)

6th Period - Pre-Calculus Adv. Honors w/Arman (Pray for me)

I got second lunch with.. umm. NOBODY. My best friends and my cousin have 1st and 2nd. Oh well.. Its still gonna be a good year since I'll be drivin and gettin my first job. I'll be back i'm gonna go to the beach.



August 14 2006
haha..well i hope you have a good school year!!and find someone to eat with!(ill pray for you...pre-cal.??!!!r u insane:-) jk..) and yes i had a good summer! by the way alexanna and me have lunch together!!yay


September 03 2006
hey.....yes alexanna is going to oakland yay!! hows school going for you?