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June 30 2006

Sunday: I saw Tokyo Drift again.. my parents left.

Monday: I hung around with the neighborhood crew.. went to youth group.

Tuesday: I hung around.. went to an awesome birthday party.

Wednesday: I hung out with friends.. saw Superman Returns (ok movie)

Today: hung around.. Matt and Ethan returned.. played Frisbee Golf.. had Chick-Fil-A.. LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A STICK!!!

that was cool...

Everyday: watched Smallville with Aaron the youth pastor. lol

been a fun week. Hangin around a lot. made summer times.



June 30 2006
yeh i think it is something about those teenage birthdays lol i dont know, hopefully i will be more excited when it actually gets here... well i guess i am a year and a day older then you? you are turning 16 the 5th? well thats awesome and happy early birthday! 16 can be a fun birthday :) k welli will talk to you later! - liz :)


July 01 2006
hey JACOB! we need to hang out sometime!

Kalli Nicole

July 01 2006
Smallville is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!