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April 20 2006

Time for some BIG talkin.

Been gone a while.

School - Ok grades and a lot of Tests. Boring at Riverdale, but trying to make the best of Freshmen year

Good Friday - emotional. watched The Passion and had 2 church services. felt very touched.

Easter - Family and a well needed day of rest.Big turnout at church

Coming Weekend - Some thing with my dad, uncles, and guy cousins. 5 mile hike and sleeping in a 3-sided shack. Sound like fun. Right?

Story of the Day - Last night I jumped up in the air and did an amazing 360* turn and landed perfect. Then a bug attacked my ear and I did this awesome duck and spin thing. good times...



April 20 2006
YOU DID A TOURE' . or i think thats the right ballet turn..lol.. dude nelly. your snowman has a banana mouth. i miss you more than a fat kid misses chocolate cake when he/she is on diet !!!!


April 21 2006
oooo...360* turn.... COOLIO....i miss ya kiddoooooooooooooo