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March 12 2006

To everyone out there listening here it goes... Well so I have no idea what I am supposed to be putting in these here "blogs" so I am just gonna spill it out and see... So I have this person that I am having feelings for and well I don't really know how to interpret them... I mean I feel that there could be something but I don't wanna make this situation anymore akward than it already is... I mean they're a very nice and from what I hear from friends I would like to get to know them better and see if anything developes... I could go on some more but I am not really sure what else to say so I am going to leave it at that...


March 12 2006
HeY boy what up?? <3

Chelsea Turner

March 12 2006
HEY!! hows it going....

Rachel Sullivan

March 12 2006
BRIAN!!!!!!!! Hi how are you!!!! oh and about the post you should MOST deffinately get to know them some more!!!!!! have fun!!

Nathan Moore

March 12 2006
Hey Brian, Welcome to PhuseBox!