no cake for me!

August 25 2008
Why is it that you have to repeat a test over and over until you pass it? & when you know how to pass but just don’t do it? Why are we given choices of cake when we are on a diet? & how come the cake is better when you can’t have it? These are all good questions that I don’t know the answer to….  I really wish I did. But does it matter? I mean the point is you can’t have the cake anyway! When you hold yourself from something you notice how often you haven’t deprived yourself! And with the test , I mean heck, why don’t we just pass it and get it over with. This is where I am right now. If in the end I lose anyway wouldn’t I rather lose doing the right thing than lose doing the wrong? Except losing with wrong there’s better short term benefits , but losing doing right in the end i get lasting benefits! Either way i lose to win.  But when there’s not a person who knows what you’re going through, not a person will stand up for you.. It’s hard to going on by yourself.

…. And sometimes  you mess up! its easier to take the wrong way out. Mistakes happen. And I guess the only thing to do, is turn around. live & learn. oh if it were all that simple as its said. its hard, the truth.

 Nobody knows what I’m talking about anyway.  But maybe it helped you, serves to remind us all we aren’t alone, sometimes we have to lose to win. And as long as you made the right decision you’re gonna win!


August 28 2008
what exactly are you talking about? What do you mean by lose to win?