Boyfriend![just another...]

August 08 2007

Just another boy ,

 Just another chance at Love,

Just A  bunch of unfilled promises

         that we both promised to keep.

Just another friendship

  that we hope last forever!

Just another memory

 that seems to last a lifetime,

Just another oppurtunity

not to make the same mistake,

Just another dance

that we can step on each others toes,

Just another sweaty hand

that we say we won t let go,

just another kiss

we say we'll never regret.

 Just another Love note ....

 that will someday play our LOVE's song!

 - Elizabeth Allen





August 08 2007
pretty nice

Cant wait to see her..!!

August 08 2007
thats sooo nice of your to write me a poem!!!!! i love your sweaty hands.... lol

Erin:: lub my flower.

August 08 2007
ha... ur funny corey ..

Kaelynn Malugin

August 08 2007