babysitting & playing (i believe that i had more fun than she did)

March 07 2008
I named them.... the panda is bamboo (Carmen) the dog is froofroo (Austin) the cat is kittyface (Grace) the pig is babe (Kaelynn) the crab is shellmelon(ME) the lizard is Green ( Jacob)
Originally Taken: March 6, 2008
Camera: Panasonic DMC-LZ7


March 07 2008
lol thats funny :) I love babysitting kids :) its so much fun!

Kaelynn Malugin

March 07 2008
ha ha ha! cuute.

♥ eyes...♥

March 07 2008
OH now i get it. i didn't read the caption because it wasn't there yet. lol i'm a panda. i'm pan-DELICIOUS!!! lol