February 07 2006
No Sir

This weekend

February 06 2006
Well life is good, w/ the exception of the Seahawks losing... Saturday I worked out at the Y, that was fun.
Then went to go find a black shirt for color guard pics, then went to the pics, and yall let me tell you...it was FREEZING!!!
We sat on this stone wall for our group picture and all the stone did was absorb all the heat in my but and make the bottom half of the body go to sleep.
Then we had to take year pictures and individual pictures.
Then we went and got some home mexican food, that was yummy!!! Then I babysat, then went home.
Then yesturday I didn't go to church b/c I was sick, and still kinda am, I went shopping w/ my mom, then went to the super bowl party w/ my church...
Well I hope yall had a great weekend



February 04 2006
Warren Co:54
Heck Yea


January 31 2006
In the words of Kathrine-Claire...
Heck yea


January 29 2006
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it

Katie Elizabeth Nutt

January 27 2006

Katie is amazing!!!
So yesturday was crap, I didn't stop throwing up till about 6:30 the next morning, and during the day, Katie called, and I told laura I wasn't up to talking, and then being the bestest friend she is, came over, and for the 2 seconds we talked, she made my day!
Well I still don't feel good, but I'm at school b/c i have deadlines for something...Well I hope everyone has a fabulous day.


January 25 2006
So, when your body doesn't like something you ate, does it find the quickest route out of your body???

Ok I don't think I will be eatting Romia Pizza when it comes to True North anymore, I mean it was great, I loved it, but I guess you can say I loved it so much my mouth wanted to have a taste of it again and it didn't taste like Pizza anymore...

aka, I upchucked pizza tonight on the way back from church/hollywood videos, and right when we turned into my subdivision it started, and now I feel somewhat better, but not 100%


January 20 2006

Yea pretty sure we
WON BOTH games, it was amazing, and that is really all i got to say about that...
Arnesto got king, I give him props, Breann was gorgeous, I mean I'm not saying the other girls weren't pretty, but she was also Ernesto's escort, so yea they were just cute together.
Well that is about it, have fun yall!!!


January 20 2006
If yall didn't know, I'm in a bible study called PB&J (Panera Bread and Jesus) And last night was so cleansing, I'm just amazed and thankful for my fellow sisters in Christ, they are there for me when I need them, and I know I can count on them.
Well here is the new and improved Megan for 2006


January 18 2006
I'm inviting everyone to TRUE NORTH tonight, it has been 3 years since we started our wednesday night tradition, and John Sholders will be speaking (he is amazing) and you had all day to bumb around, so now you can come and have fun w/ people...
If you want to come to TRUE NORTH, and you don't know your way then here are some directions
(From Blackman)
Get on Manson Pike/Medical Center Parkway
go past the new hospital, and you'll eventully past toots, then you'll pass the boys and girls club, then after you pass the boys and girls club you will get to a stop light and take a left onto Memorial/96
Then you will stop at the first stop light and take a right onto
Then you will go down and kinda pass MTSU, (you will go through 4 stop lights) and then on the 5th stop light you will take a right onto Bell street, and then the Student Christain Center will be on your right Middle Tennessee State University Rd (it's called something like that, there will be a BP on that corner, and then a UHaul place across the BP)
and if the the parking lot there has no parking spaces you can park across the street in that parking lot


January 18 2006


January 17 2006


January 15 2006

Yea I lost them, but now I know where they are!!!
Ok thought I would share that w/ you


January 14 2006

Yes, I know I'm an artist...ok not really, but I just love looking at these pictures, b/c since then I haven't seen enough snow to make a 5 inch tall snow man.
This morning there was some snow on my back porch, but it wasn't much, and the sun melted it away, so I guess I'll just have to move north to get any snow, b/c Murfreesboro isn't getting ANY
So anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend, mine is going to consist of cleaning.



January 10 2006
54-47 BLACKMAN!!!

(this is for the Warren County Basketball game)
I am so excited!!!


January 10 2006

Which Disney Prince do you like the best?

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January 05 2006
<3 Megan


January 01 2006
there is something wrong when there is an ICE CREAM TRUCK going around your neighborhood in January!?!?


January 01 2006

So Resolution was AMAZING, I got to see my old friends from KY, and I also got some new friends.

Skid was hilarious, me and Lauren called him during a session and he had his cell phone, and was looking at it, thinking who is this? and his voice mail is so cute, Daisy is saying how her daddy can't get to the phone, adorable

So my New Year's Resolutions are to work out at least 3 times a week and to finish the bible this year.

Well I'm going to go clean the house


December 29 2005
I have missed phusebox soooo much, I've been checking it at least twice a day, sometimes three, and I checked and it's back!!! Well not much to say, going to Resolution tomorrow w/ the youth group, I'm excited to hang out w/ my friends that I havent seen in about a month! and then to see my friends that live out of town, in like KY and places of that sort.
Well I got pics recently developed from all the way back in August!!! Yea, it was funny to look at them b/c I didn't remember some of them, but anyways, I got to get to bed...
good night