My computer is homo. =x

November 01 2005

Okay, so last night sucked.
I had to goto work, and then I had to take my little cousin's to Kittrell Festivle thing. It sucked so hardcore. Gah. I wish I could have went to Main Street, World Outreach, oorrrr...just somewhere else.

My internet doesn't work. at all.
So the only way i'll be able to do this, is by getting on here school.
And their computers are hella slow. rofl
Whoa! It's Chris Slate on the announcments.

shyeah. that kid. he's cool.
OPA! (sp?) hahaha.

uhmmm I am so bored.

If anybody wants to do something this weekend. call me.

eight four nine five eight seven two

welll....I guess i'll get on here tomorrow. o_O

Leave some comments, and i'll love you forver.



October 29 2005

is in my 3rd period class.
I do not think I will ever be able to look at him.

ever again.


but I must say....that was pretty cool &funny.

but ew.


October 28 2005

At school.
It sucks.
i'm going to the riverdale vs oakland game tonight.
Meeting blake there.
Then him and his brother is taking me home.

i'm fixing to goto the pep rally. later.

oh pow wow.

October 25 2005

I think kicking you in the face would be fun.


October 22 2005

I was singing to my blood brothers cd <3

I will be going to a family reunion.
and dennn.
A show at the Sportscom
It starts at 6:00


I like these colors.

last night was fun.
ilu ste.
that was a great party :D

love, love, love, love, love, loveeee,.

wooo rave.

October 22 2005
last night was the best.
Ste had his party. &it was SO much fun.
Thnx Stee <3


October 20 2005


Detention today was great.
I've never had so much fun in detention.
Bre and I. made confetti &threw it on each other.
We were going to throw paper balls at Will because he had a gameboy.
&we wanted to play.
we never got in trouble.
It was funny.

After school I went to my granny's house to auction it off.
GAH. can you say major headache? it was kindof sad.

I wanna take some pictures.
But my camera is being ghey.

My mom won't let me goto Ste's party.
I don't know why. :[
I'm sorry ste. ILU!

&hearts; Ashuhlee


September 19 2005
today was boring! As usual, but I must say that my weekend has been the best.

Friday;; Went to the homecoming game, we so lost, I just mostly hung out with my friends half the night. Then later after the game was a movie. It kept skipping so they started it all over! Bummer! heh. So it was Abby, Matt, Chelsey, John and I just sitting on the bleachers talking. I love them

woo hoo good day.

July 24 2005
Okay, I went to Church this morning, like every sunday morning...and every other day. At church. Some guy spoke to us, wow, I think he changed my life forever. lol. I love being at church. I'm so glad that i'm involved with Emerge.


July 23 2005
I think my brother is going to go get some cd for all the viruses in my computer. I don't know. But untill then I have to still block everybody from IMing me because when you IM me it totally screws up my computer. It sucks...AOL sucks.

I don't know what I am going to do today, maybe just sit here at home and do...nothing.
As usual.

okayyy, get ready for a long post.

July 22 2005
Okay, so computer is messed up again, gosh, I need like...a virus remover. Hm...I can't wait till' school starts, wow, I can't believe I just said that. Kill me now, Bang Bang Bang. haha jk. Well anyway, I think i've got this whole phuse box figured out. GO ME! August 20 is Lindsey's concert thing. It was going to be august 6th but She decided to do it the 20th for the memory of Bruce. It has almost been a year since he left us. But we've made it through that tough time of losing him. And he is always with us.If you would like to come to our gathering for Bruce,GO. Feel free to IM  Linz;; KiLLeRxDrEaMz, I think that's how she spells it. lol. Well anyway. School is coming up. YES. And NO. Summer was really fun, I hung out with Linz the whole time.

I've been thinking alot lately, I have been with Linz all summer, And i'm shuting some of my other close friends out of my life, and I realized that, that's not a very good thing, I love my friends to death, I don't know what i'd do without them, Thank you so much for being my friend, And if you're not my friend, i'm sure that we'll be friends in the end.

So about school. I'm going to be a sophmore, wow. I am so glad that i've mad it to the second level of Highschool. Gah 3 more to go. well Since I have to go to school. might as well make an efofrt and try to do my best, Last year [freshman year] I didn't do so well. Yeah I came from Kittrell and we didnt get away with most things. So when I started Oakland I took advantage, such as skipping 4th period english to be with my friends at 3rd lunch. Yeah it was fun being with them, but I only hurt myself, because I could use some English, so there I will be in another Standard English class. Again. Pathetic huh? Yeah. I'd say so.
I made so many friends last year in 9th grade I mean A LOT I felt like I knew the whole school. I was really proud of myself for making friends, because in 8th grade, I really didn't have any friends, Maybe 3-5 friends, but that didnt bring me down. Because I kind of realized, knowing most of the whole school, kind of sucks, because..well...things go around quicker and I have like...6 cousins that go to Oakland, Not a good thing.

Wow, this is alot of typing, Haha I doubt that anybody just read that because it's too much. But hey, i'm not finished yet.

Ever since I started going to Oakland, There was so much preasure coming at me like 100 miles per hour. I changed. I think everybody did, but everybody changes...well...I changed A LOT. But changes is good. The way people looked at me at the beginng of the year was like "ew, look...trash." Yeah, better believe it. So I changed, not to fit in. Let me tell you that. If I wanted to fit in at Oakland Highschool, I would wear jerseys and dou rags. and on me, that's a big no no. because well..look at me. Anyway. The preasure at Oakland is hard, I found that out the hard way.But did preasure stop me of being who I was. Nope. It may sound like Oakland is a bad place to be, But it a really good school, the people are amazing..well some. I was gunna go to another school, how retarded am I, leaving my friends behind? NO WAY.
Okay, sorry to stop in the middle of a sentence..sort of, but my hands really hurt, so i'm gonna go ahead and submit my post.



July 17 2005
What the heck is phuse Box?!
Idk but I guess i'll give it a try......