Teh krew

April 25 2006

So, the school totally blocked phusebox.
And that means I'll rarely be getting on. :[
I love you all.

Jessica Johnson

April 25 2006
dang.that.sux.ah.well just sayin hey.i love you bitch.lol.j/k.ttyl love yas bye.bye.


April 25 2006
aww i love doin that..heheh ive made sum really screwed up pics using paint. lol*

Bre Lemen

April 28 2006
punk ass nikka.

Ashley who?

April 30 2006
I just realized I didn't put any shirts on the girls lmaoooo.


May 11 2006

[LJ] ♥

May 12 2006
hm...artistic verrryyy artistic♥

Aaron Massey

June 03 2006
hey, just thought i'd drop a line. miss seeing you all the time. hope all is well. give me a call sometime, i can drive now. (890-2682)

brigette adkins

June 03 2006
ashley who? i miss you ):

Aaron Massey

June 11 2006
hey, i want you to know that... tonight was a lot of fun. and we should hang out again soon. just give me a buzz sometime.

Andrew ?

June 13 2006
what is up? Andrew

Aaron Massey

June 15 2006
sry i missed your call. im sure i'll ttyl