June 09 2005
today was pretty good. i went on a bike ride (i havent ridden a bike in like...2 years.) it was much fun. and then i watched the storm. it was amazing. if you didnt see it you completely missed out. my mouth still hurts. o well. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Stephanie Levine

June 09 2005
Eric broke my bike. I need to get it fixed.Storm=beautiful. haha, my cat was out in it.

Jarrod Dollinger

June 09 2005
lol. You know that pic is sweet. I made it. I have no life! lol

cole brown

June 09 2005
MADYYYYYYYY!! hey girlie. found your phusebox thing so i thought i would say hi. i hope that ur having a wonderful summer and ill talk to you later=]


June 09 2005
I'm sorry your teeth still hurt. It will get better... I promise.


June 10 2005
OH OH yessssss.. thats so the picture of me you & chels over there.. wooooohoooo! love you


June 11 2005
Hey mady!!! I took the advice and got one!! Aren't you proud of me?!?!?

Ashley Orman

June 13 2005
hey, is that girl in the picture to the right of you named elizabeth? or did she used to go to Buchanan elementary?

Dana Yo

June 13 2005
mady i love you too