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EWWW Oakland


idk yet

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emo, indie, metal, acid, soft, anykind of ROCK

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June 09 2006

He he i like this kid... hes amazing... and guess what, he likes me too! lol



My Squirt Gun Packs The HEAT!!!

June 05 2006

LOL i think thats pretty much all I have to say... HA HA HA!!! crazy crazy nights... 1:30 am squirt gun fights!!! FUN FUN!!!!

later kids




April 25 2006

^^so how sceenster is that?^^

lol i thought it was one of my better pictures....


so i think im sticking with PURPLE!!!

but... Im offically HAPPY! YAY!

Call me you guys...


but everyone knows that they want to go to the one on saturday!

you know why thought dont you... only because SOUND PRESIDENTIAL IS GOING TO ROCK IT OUT!!! AHH im sooo exited! YAY!!!




I love you Marshall


April 13 2006


Dye My Hair





February 25 2006

wow im just like really really confused right now.

things this week have been going REALLY BAD

my bog is dying and that makes me really sad. i will miss her so much.

life was easier when boys still had cooties.

Nick was the weird kid that alwasy wore the flanal shirts in kindergarden.

Roses arint always red, somtimes crimson.

everyone left me.


February 22 2006

February 18 2006

yeah so im pretty much...

i pretty much dont care anymore.


February 18 2006

yeah so... i went to the mall lastnight. it was the absolute worst time of my life ever. urm... we showed up.. and corey and eliza were arguing, that was pretty bad, my friend wasnt working, ben was there, and that made my heart fall to the floor, i got some new BUGGIE GLASSES and yeah.. well i had a little fun. tony took me to mcdonalds and we talked. but it was still really hard for me not to just break out in tears. i just, wow, i just dont want that kid to get hurt agian (ben) and i saw him, and he didnt look happy. idk maybe she makes him happy in all the ways i cant see, but i just. i just dont want to see him get hurt again. i really dont. i cant describe how much i like that kid. i have known him forever and an effin day and... i thouhgt things were going good. and all she does is say one word and its like i dont even exist anymore. but i guess... i guess thats what friends are for.


February 15 2006

So im fine with it now, as long as somone ::cough::nonames::cough:: keeps me smiling and laughing which im sure he will because hes the best kid ever, im fine, im totaly fine and this time im more reassuring myself... somthing just... gawd, somthing just feels right now... somthing... maybe its him, maybe hes just everything i cant see and always wanted... i hope so. <3 (gawd hes gonna read this and know EXACTLY that im talking about him)


February 14 2006

fortressofmytears: Keeley cast the tallest shadow on my life... bigger and stronger than anyone... I cant' get out of it... and I'm not going to use you as an eraser for a permenant marker... it's just going to tear up the paper... not get rid of it... white out doesn't exist in the world of hearts...
xxxbang_gunsxxx: And for the smaller people, comes the heartache, the wrinkled paprer thrown in the waste can, the letters writtin and then neglected, used, published, abused and rejected.
xxxbang_gunsxxx: The Letters deleted.

And so thats how it ended, pretty much from there, but life goes on, and what no one knows, is that theres always someone sitting and watching from the curve, someone willing to jump into that fight, and take that heart. where is mine?


February 12 2006

Hey guys just got this thing, im not having a good day so make it better?