August 18 2007
Well... I competed a few months ago at the Indiana State Championships and took home first in Sparring and in Forms and Fourth in Board Breaking. Qualifying me for Nationals in Florida... My school [[Full Armor Martial Arts]] took 21 students. That is the largest out of state group to qualify. 8 adults and 13 students.

Well... Yesterday was the adults competition and at the end of the day we were the 3rd school in points. I came home with first place in forms and in sparring (the only two I competeted in) in my age division for Intermediate ranking. It was truly amazing!!!

The kids are competing today and Ill let you guys know later how that went... but so far...
Tamara-1st is Sparring
Shelly-1st in Sparring and 2nd in Forms
Jim-2nd in Staff and 1st in Sparring
Paula-1st in Forms and 1st in Sparring
Ryan-2nd in Sparring
Nick-1st in Sparring
Melissa-1st in Forms and 1st in Sparring

Yes we kicked but!!! It was amazing... More later...

<3 Meag


August 18 2007
Awesome! Good job, Meag. I am so proud of you!