September 25 2006

Last night was better... probaly because I had an unexpected emotional breakdown near the end of worship.... I dunno what happened... The past few weeks all hit me at once I think. But anyway.. it did make a few people notice me. lol Especially the most precious Audrey Miller who left stage to come to me... lol.  anyways... I went out to eat afterwards... felt a little more like i belonged... guess itll be up and down until i get settled in... im figuring i expected it to be like FWC... id just walk in and get the routine and love it..... i just need time to adjust!....

love you guys,


ps i love maggie miller!

Randy Rodden

September 25 2006
yeah.... church transitions are just like that... It just happens...


September 25 2006
i love you megan. you're missed.