April 27 2006

I have made a promise to someone but I have that little feeling that I wont be able to keep it...ok she made me promise something but I implied it as something else so I agreed with it but I scared that I will break it and it will ruin our friendship....
    Im soooo happy me and Will are talking again....Sunday was one of the best days of my life lol


Rebekah Lewis

April 27 2006
Really it depends what the promise was...If it's something that could have a bad effect then tell... If not then let it go.

Cami C.

April 27 2006
i love u 2!!!! ~*~Cami~*~

Rebekah Lewis

April 28 2006
Are you on the computer at school? Or are you at home?


April 29 2006
best day of your life huh? don't think ive ever had one of those..lol*