September 29 2005
haha so i found out today that i almost got voted off the island before i was born....weird....

Donald Allen

October 01 2005
wtf are you talking about????? POONANIE!!!!!!!!!!


October 02 2005
Do... what?


October 02 2005
omgosh.. is this jordan taylor who went to a.l. lotts elem. and west valley middle??


October 04 2005
yea i heard that too.....? *lauren*


October 07 2005
ur so silly jordan!


October 11 2005
hey..just thought id say hey.. -Erin

Sarah Vermillion

October 16 2005
Errr Quoi? I like to vote people out of the igloo. But for some reason they always look at me funny when I say, "That's it, you're voted out of the igloo."


October 16 2005
so... how does that work?

Alex Stevenson

October 22 2005
you fail at life...later though, keep failing. ~Alex


October 23 2005
that sucks....like your pic..very cool

BriTtaNy GriMm3tT

October 26 2005
i havent talked to you in a long long time