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Jordan Taylor

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September 05, 2006

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Music, French horn, different instramental ensembles, Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra, Nashville Youth Symphony, hanging out with friends, and just having a good time.


Classical, Led Zep, some System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers


The Ladys Man


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ok, so I got a big ole jack in the box cheeseburger...warm...really
hungry...yea so I got home opened it up...and there is everything I
dont like on a burger on this was like ketchup, mayonnaise,
pickles, and everything else...with a little bit of meat in there
somewhere.... man...

but that was the biggest disappointment in a while...needless to
say..... someone.....has made me REALLY FREAKIN HAPPY!!
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So... ya know what sounds good right now? some _ _ t _   _ e _

haha..long story

whats up?
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Been a long time

The MTSU brass thing was fun, I really like the teachers over there. Life just seems to be chuggin along, how bout you?

Cake is amazing

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haha so i found out today that i almost got voted off the island before i was born....weird....
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Untitled know the little advertisement games at the top of most sites?

have ya ever found a really good one?

A hard one?

one that you play for like 30 min?

and then you think wow, im the biggest falure at life ever?

I have
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