September 15 2005
like my new profile pic? cell phones are so amazing

so yea i have a 99 in geometry....iv never made that high in any math....

and im making a 67 in biology never made that low in science...i reallllllly want to get out of that class!!!

so who all's goin to get pizza fri?


September 15 2005
i like your profile picture... very cool. i cant believe you have a 99 in geometry bc im def failing it .... lucky lol -liz

Kelly Jo

September 16 2005
evil swan!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Vermillion

September 17 2005
The new pic is the shiz. You got pizza yesterday? I stuck around at school and watched a movie. *woot*

BriTtaNy GriMm3tT

September 17 2005
do u know cortney barrett? j/w

Donald Allen

September 17 2005
i dig the new profile pic


September 18 2005
Im sry.... I like ur icon picture... its cool


September 18 2005
67 in biology? i thought that was sposed to be easy....gosh jordan! *lauren*

Katie Schneider

September 18 2005
jordan is awesome.


September 18 2005
Oh, oh, me! I did!


September 19 2005
good job to the 99..but the 67..u can do better