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Hey Guys

July 25 2005
well lets see I have to go Register tomorrow for my glasses! and Guys I think I have found him but I am not sure! b/c I don't really know him that well but it took one touch and one say of my name! to make me shake and take my breath away! I can't believe it! I had never felt like that! ( Honestly) I was shaking so bad that my sister and her friend noticed it! and I was breathing really weird! but I told him myself that I like him! and my friend Brooke told him that he took my breath away! lol! he said that I was cute,Nice and stuff like that! but we have to get to know each other before and everything! I think we might date and stuff before! I don't know I am alittle freaked still! I was soo scared! I wanted to like throw up! and cry! lol! ( with joy of course) lol! maybe I need help? but I learned my lesson about jerks and how they in the end are ass holes! and I really just wanna find a guy that won't be like that who respects my independence, and who wants and loved me for ME! so ya! lol! and Teal already told me he respects my independence, like me for me, and isn't a jerk! soo ya! and we have alot in common like music, food, and the same hobbies! and both LOVE Sports! he plays baseball! all just perfect but could it be to good to be true? yes I have my doubts! but this is a new place where I hardly know anyone! and I just wanna trust my new friends and I do but I wanna trust them more! soo ya!
if you have any advice just leave me a comment!
talk to you guys later! I love you soo much and I miss you even more!! kisses!


July 30 2005
Congratulations..glad you're doing better than me..ehh?


July 30 2005
So what is with this sudden dislike of me?


July 31 2005
Feel like explaining this problem?... It wasn't really out of the blue though... Hope things work out with Teal...

Becky A.

August 04 2005
Good luck with the guy thing. You'll eventually learn their habits there and see what kind of guy you need down there.