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August 13 2006

Hey guys.... I am totally bored so I am going to put up my schedule just like everyone else... haha...anyways...before I do... Life has gone up and down...but there is only one person there by my side the whole time... and is my loving boyfriend... I have treated him like crap these past few weeks....and he totally understood everything...gosh who knew band would be so stressful... haha...anyways here is my crazy schedule!

"A" day
1 Algebra 2
2 Band
4 English 4
"B" day
5 Accounting
6 Band
7 Computer Science
8 Chemistry

YAY for 8 classes... senior year is going to be fun/ hard.....and Band is already going Amazing/ Stressful... New band Director new loco new everything..I'm Part of the Leadership Team ( no we're not section leaders) and so we have to make everything pretty much perfect....then I am a senior so I have so much other stuff to take care of..and I have a fabulous job at OutBack Steak HOuse.... and if you count my crazy loving/caring boyfriend... my life is wonderful/ amazing/ emotional/ painful/ welcome to my rollercoaster of life...YAY ME! haha! actually above it all.... I LOVE IT THIS WAY....if you don't have a few obstacles then how will you get through life? well goodnight...YAY SENIORS '07!!


March 20 2006


OMG it is RED and it is a 2005 CHEVY COBALT... my dream car... OMG!

the truck was finally dying and ya...I will post a picture later... omg it is amazing! I absolutly love it!! hehe!!

hugs and kisses!!
Ben I miss you!!!

Damn I need to Update.....

March 19 2006

OMG I haven't updated this thing is sooooo long... lol... well lets see how my life is going.... um AMAZING!!!... today is the last day of Spring Break....UGH!! but it was soo much fun!! I spent everyday with my baby!! almost 5 months... Omg you don't know how much I love strong for words...anyways!

School is so blah... like always... its School... but seeing my friends everyday is amazing!! I have the best friend in the entire world!! I love them to death.....they are no where near as close as me and Leah... but they know alot about me....

I miss Tennessee and all my friends... but I am glad I am not there right now... I have heard alot about all the drama... and UGH...just take a deep breath...just relax...if people can't accept you for who you are... or whatever.. they aren't your real friends to begin with....I have learned that the hard... and it ya... believe me...

Life is so amazing right know you have no my friends... the love of my life...just truely amazing....well I guess thats all....

I Love Nathan Hoxie....

Hey guys!

January 30 2006

 WOW I have had a crazy ass life! well first off... I am have been so busy with Band, Work, Boyfriend, and Friends... plus my family! and moving shit.....

Nathan and I  are still together... it has been 3 months!! yaya us!

Work is amazing.. I love working it is such much fun!!!

Friends... can be bitches... and backstabbers... but you have those special ones.... Ben I am so sorry I haven't been able to talk to you!!  I have been so busy and Internet doesn't work in my room yet... and I only get on every now and then! so ya!

 Band is always so much fun! I love it! all of my friends but a couple are in band.. so I see them all the time... and you know what is weird... all of my friends now are boys but like 2.... SCARY!! just kidding I love hanging out with guys! I am such a tom boy myself so what does it matter!

well I am dead tired Ijust got off work! I love you guys!!
I love YOU Nathan!


November 27 2005

Hey guys!

so how was everyone Thanksgiving?  mine was amazing!! I spent most of it with my lovely adorable boyfriend!! Today we have been going out for a month.... and saw HARRY POTTER 4 OMG BEST MOVIE!!! the second one is still my altime fav... but that one is my second fav.... omg!! and i went with all of my friends which made it ten times better!! I was like flippin out in the theater!! I was soo excited!! lol!! and then I spent the night at my friend Christinas house and we had like 10 of us... and like 3 boys... it was so much fun!!

well we are looking for a house .... and finding alot we like/love but we can't afford....but we found one today that we LOVE and we have an option of a media room which is WHAT I WANT!! an 8 ft projection screen and movies and popcorn and soda machine... AHH.... and ya... the  rooms are decent... and the house is over all HUGE and I LOVE IT!! but ya it was sold... but we got the floor plan!!yaya!! anyways!

I am goin to stop boring you now!!  I love you all!! SCHOOL TOMORROW!! then 3 more weeks til CHRISTMAS!!


I love you all!!


August 16 2005
True or False or even if you believe this!

you can fall in love with one touch?
one saying of your name?

answer that.......?

Hey Guys

July 25 2005
well lets see I have to go Register tomorrow for my glasses! and Guys I think I have found him but I am not sure! b/c I don't really know him that well but it took one touch and one say of my name! to make me shake and take my breath away! I can't believe it! I had never felt like that! ( Honestly) I was shaking so bad that my sister and her friend noticed it! and I was breathing really weird! but I told him myself that I like him! and my friend Brooke told him that he took my breath away! lol! he said that I was cute,Nice and stuff like that! but we have to get to know each other before and everything! I think we might date and stuff before! I don't know I am alittle freaked still! I was soo scared! I wanted to like throw up! and cry! lol! ( with joy of course) lol! maybe I need help? but I learned my lesson about jerks and how they in the end are ass holes! and I really just wanna find a guy that won't be like that who respects my independence, and who wants and loved me for ME! so ya! lol! and Teal already told me he respects my independence, like me for me, and isn't a jerk! soo ya! and we have alot in common like music, food, and the same hobbies! and both LOVE Sports! he plays baseball! all just perfect but could it be to good to be true? yes I have my doubts! but this is a new place where I hardly know anyone! and I just wanna trust my new friends and I do but I wanna trust them more! soo ya!
if you have any advice just leave me a comment!
talk to you guys later! I love you soo much and I miss you even more!! kisses!


July 13 2005
hey guys! man I am sooo bored! but I am talkin to Becky which is great b/c I haven't talk to her in awhile! man I am getting tired well I will get goin! I love you guys! and I miss you even more!
buh bye!