Prayer request and other...

July 10 2005
Will everyone keep my grandmother in their prayers...She was taken to the ER this morning in Memphis b/c she was dehydrated and we found out late tonight that she has internal bleeding..But they don't know where it is coming from... So please keep her in your prayers..and the rest of our family!!!

Wow...So lately it seems that everything is already changing for me...I went to Martin on saturday to help my sis move in to her new appt. It was fun..But I realized that this is the place that I am going to be spending for the next 4 year probably.... I won't be able to go home and sleep in my bed everynight and I won't be able to see all of my friends every day..I know that I will make new ones..but it is scary.... But then again..I am soo excited about leaving and gettin out of my comfort zone...i know that God has something planned for me!! I am just so excited and ready for Him to tell me what it is!!!!
Went to Paris that night where I saw my grandparents for the first time in like 4-5 months....It was really great to see them and had some real fun times!!! I can't wait to go back..I love them soooooooo much!!!!
Came home this morning and went to church to listen to our new preacher...He is sooooo funny!! I am so excited that we finally got a new bad he came when I was leaving...
Went to the movies to see was really good!!!! I am glad I got to go with some of my best friends....Then Dena and i went to Camino to eat and then I went to church tonight!! It was really good!! I love the way that God spoke through Rachel and Jeremy...It was amazing!!! Then we all went bowling...Ashley and I were have the time of our lives...We payed 7 dollars to bowl 2 game b/c our lane kept messing up..So that sucked but ohh well!! it was soo much fun!!!


July 05 2005
So it hit me today that I haven't spent hardly any time with my friends lately..I don't even really know what they have been up to or is really sad..I think I am in need of a girls night!! REALLY BADLY!!!!!! But yeah..just had to get that off my chest...

God has been showing me verses lately that are important in my life right now... He is soo amazing at how he just has these certain things that he can do and they just smack you across the face and say "hey..LOOK AT ME!!" it is amazing!! I love GOD SOO MUCH!!!!

So my sister and I took a walk around the neighborhood tonight!!! We talked about so many different things...From college to family situation to sorority issues...It was great!! I love being able to just talk to someone so freely and not have to worry about them judging me!! She is almost like one of my best friends..

I am finally gettin my hair cut tomorrow!! I am sooo excited!! It hasn't been cut in a while and it needs it very badly!! But yeah..
Well I am off to bed..another exicting day at work tomorrow.. NOT!!!!!


July 04 2005
So i am burnt on my nose from this weekend...It is crazy!!! But ohh well!!! This weekend was amazing!! We did our fireworks last night b/c none of us were gonna be at the lake tonight...Well there were some people at the other end of the lake that thought that they had better fire works than us..Well apparently they didn't realize that my dad is very good friends with people who own a stand and we got the best of the best this year!! it was amazing!! They kept shooting off the lil fire sparkle things while we were blowing up the was great!! We had people across from us cheering us own..AMAZING!!! It was soo funny!! We did all of our dances and melissa, whitney and i found a new way to ride the tube...TOGETHER!! It was great...cept i am in a whole lot of pain right now and i can barely move.... Not very smart...But ohh was alot of fun...

Lots of thinking been happening lately... I am feeling alot of stuff and it is kinda making me sad..I really need to talk to some people but i just have to get the nerve up to do it...who knows if that will happen..but ohh well... I better be off to bed..gotta see if I can move tomorrow morning....

4th of July

July 01 2005
I am soo ready for this weekend....We are going to the lake and the whole family is gonna be there..not sure im happy about that... But I am excited to see my cousin Heather. She is coming back from Oklahoma from a mission trip... I am excited for her to tell me what all happened..
I wish I would have done more mission trips... I did a few but then my church stopped really sucked...I hope that I can find something when I go to College where i can go out and help others...There is no better feeling than nowing that you are helping someone else... It is amazing!!
Well I will write more later!!

Hey Hey!!

June 29 2005
Wow....So this is my first post... So much has been happening right now... It is crazy!! Work is extra crazy and I am still having to go to the doctors every few weeks it feels like..I have to go to 2 appts. tomorrow...that is not gonna be fun..Ohh well!! That is about it!! I will write more later!!