June 03 2006
So...summer is here..Well it has been here for like 2 weeks now..but still..... It has been pretty good!!!! I am working for my dad.... and just trying to hang out with friends!! so if ya aren't doing anything one night just call me!!!!
So the house that i was talking about in the last post didn't go through. After letting my parents look at the house Jessica and i decided that we wouldn't get it since they didn't like it. So after one of my exams i went back to my dorm room and went to work on finding another place. After only 15 minutes i called a place that we had tried before and talked to them. They said they had 2 apartment complexes in Martin that allowed pets..... So jessica, Nathan (jessica's boyfriend) and I went to look at those and fell in love with one of them that is right off campus..So we went 2 days later and payed our 1st payment on it!!  So i will be living in an apartment near campus...I am very excited..I am going to move in some of the stuff that my sister is giving to me from her apartment in martin next weekend....
But yeah..I hope everyone is having a great summer!!