Crutches!!! BOO!!!

April 15 2006

Well...It has been a while since i have written on here.... I am finally done with all-sing!! THANKFULLY!! It consumed my life soo much but i have to admit i made some really good friends and i did enjoy it!!! I went straight from All-sing into softball..But it looks like i won't be playing anymore!!!

Here is the story incase you haven't heard it yet:

Monday was our first game of softball..I was super stoked!! I hit the ball and ran to first..Little did I know that the bases were higher on this field... So i kinda rolled my foot...Well i didn't say anything and just kept playing!! Then on Tuesday I went and got a brace to wear....Did the same thing that night..Just not as bad b/c i had the brace on. Well..I just continued to wear the brace b/c my foot kept hurting...So i was like well i will just wear it until it stops hurting...Then just wear it when i play softball!!! Well....I am putting things up in my house yesterday and was going back to the couch when i trip over a hairdryer cord and fall!!! I couldn't get up b/c my foot was hurting soo much...So i just pulled myself up on the couch.... Well i called my mom and told her what happened..She laughed!! LOL!! Then she told me to hop to the kitchen and get an ice pack and prop my foot up.... I was really upset b/c i thought that i wouldn't be able to go out for Dena's surprise birthday stuff!!! But luckily my sister had brought home her crutches and I had to use those last night..Got up this morning and was a lil sore... But I went to work...I was hurting really bad when i came home so mom took me to a walk-in clinic..We had to get an X-RAY on my foot...It is not broken... but the doctor said that it might be bruised muscles and tissues..or it could be sometype of fracture that just isn't showing up...

So b/c of this i am on crutches for the next few days... NOT FUN!!! I already hate them..but for me to walk around and not hobble i have to use them...BOO!!!! I don'tknow what i am going to do since i live on the 3rd floor of my dorm... it will be interesting when i get back!! HAHAHA!!! Well i am gonna go to bed...Gotta get up for easter in the morning..I hope everyone has a great easter!!!