New Orleans

January 07 2006

So...I leave tomorrow to go to New Orleans!!! I am going with some of my sisters of ADPi to help with Katrina Victims... We have been trained by the Red Cross and are going down to gut out houses... WHATEVER THAT MEANS....

What is this going to have in store for me?? I have absolutely no earthly Idea!!! For one I am scared b/c I am going to the center of it all...The place that got the worst hit from Katrina. A place that needs so much help, but yet isn't getting enough from those who have already gone down before me. I am excited tho. I know that this next week I am being put in a position where I can see what i take for granted everyday. I will see how much i have and how little these people now have b/c of this horrible tragedy. We are having to wear jump suits so that we don't get contaiminated and mask to keep the bacteria away. HOw scary is that..... I also know that God is going to show me something!! How amazing is that!! I know that I am going somewhere that God is leading me!!

These past few weeks haven't been that good for me!! I have tried to be happy just to make others not see the hurt. Only a few know exactly what I am going through...And I honestly don't know what I would do without them!!! But it is stupid petty things that I am upset over compared to what I am about to see!! God is going to show me things that I need to see to realize that it is all just stupid and I need to get over it!!!

I just ask all of you to pray for our group going and ask that God shows us a lot down there!! And for all of us to be safe and stay healthy!!

I will write when i get back!!!!


January 08 2006
I am so proud of you going to New Orleans! I know yall are gonna do great things and that God is going to show you so many things! I hope you have a safe trip and I'll see you back in Martin!