December 15 2005

Soo....Since it has been a week since I updated I decided that I would.. College exams are this week..I had English and History on Monday..And i got my grades for those classes and I made B's in both!! So I am glad that with... Then, I have Math in a few minutes and Biology tomorrow!! Not looking forward to that one!! It is not going to be easy!!! So... PLEASE PRAY THAT I DO GOOD ON THAT!!!!

I am going to Jackson on Friday then to my both g-parents for the rest of the weekend..Amy has surgery on Monday morning..SO I should be back in the boro that night or tuesday morning!! And I am looking forward to seeing everyone!! I have missed people so much while being here in college!!! And hopefully some hanging out will happen!!!!!

Well I am off to my test!!! WISH ME LUCK!!