Good and Bad

November 14 2005

Well...where to start...This weekend was good. I went to the UT vs. Memphis game which UT won!! I got to see some family that i hardly get to see and they are some of my favorites!! Got to eat some very good food this weekend and most of all!! I got my new phone!! I am soo excited!! so if you are my friend i need a pic of you so that when i call you or you call me it will show up!! So get ready!!!!! Another good thing is that My bestest friend is coming to see me on Tuesday!!! not as in tomorrow but on the 22...I can't wait!!! We are gonna have fun!!! Then I get to ride back with Dena and then go eat some good food for Turkey Break!!!

For the bad news...It is freaking hot in our room...I mean like almost 80 degrees hot!! So if ya have any extra ice or fans we would greatly appreciate it!! LOL!!! but is very hott!!

But I have some letters to write and some sleep to get!! So I will write more later!!