"Bullet for My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall"

September 30 2006
Well its finally fall break! I'm excited b/c i'm goin to fall creek falls this weekend, and next weekend I get to go to Birmingham to see 2 of my best friends!!! Other than that not much is happening. I'm taking guitar lessons at chambers by this really cool guy named Jeff. I'm learning alot and I love it. So...life is good. Yeeeeeep.Um that's about it.


September 26 2006
whose ready for that vacation....


September 24 2006
why does everyone claim that they are the one bringing sexy back? I think its starting to get annoying.

Let's see...

September 23 2006
I never have much to update about anymore. Life is ok. Last night was homecoming and we lost to independence 29-13. It sucked. They were also like the first school to be louder than us in the student section, and it was  HOMECOMING. Pathetic. That's about the only word i can use to describe that. Well, i got my senior pics back. So if you really want one just ask me, and i'll get u one. One of them looks just like my profile picture and i have one other pose. Anyway, i gotta go to work so leave comments!



September 16 2006


September 13 2006
Good = ]
$ Money $
Music (yay for skillet and breaking benjamin and goo goo dolls and bon jovi because they make me happy)
18th birthday on Saturday!!! = clubbing time?
Field trips where you get muddy and physically challenged
Birmingham in less than a month!!!

Bad = [
Being broke.
The topic of predestination.
Unintentionally making people jealous...and not knowing really what to do about it.
Hearing rumors about yourself that aren't necessarily true.
THE DENTIST...dum dum dummmm....and the doctor's office too.....
Cars that won't function correctly.
People telling me I will fail at something I want really bad to succeed at
....actually just people that are critical altogether.
People that are cocky.

edit: I think i will be okay on MOST of the bad things now that i have kaitlin gay's solution to my every problem!

Quick Update

September 09 2006
I saw word trade center alst night with kaitlin, dodrill, and abi. Movie was CRRRAZZZZY.Nothing much happening here except i'm working a 12 hour shift today. Fun fun. See u all later!


R.I.P. Steve Irwin

September 04 2006

Steve, you will always be "THE MAN"


September 04 2006

Anyway...right now I am listening to the fighting instinct. They are pretty gooooood. I just started listening to them....like 10 minutes ago. I like them. Nickelback and Hoobstank are coming to the GEC like next saturday but i have to work and that really SUX!!!!!! HOLY CRAP there's also a concert in atlanta on the same day (sept. 9) with Staind, Three Days Grace, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, and Hinder. Those are some of the best bands ever!!! I WANNA GO!!!!!! But of course i can't....I hate my job....its causing me to miss out on all this stuff i wanna do. Plus we are like 56 man hours short so that means whenever ben and I go in to work they give us a BUTTLOAD of work to do, and we have to stay late. Anyway, i'm gonna stop complaining and go do something with this day off. Later

12 days til Garrett turns 18!!!!

we lost....

September 01 2006
we lost a pep rally to some freshmen. then we lost to oakland in our own house. staley was the only guy out there that actually came to play.


this is my emo update of the month for all those who care enough to read it

August 31 2006
So this week hasn't been the best week. Come to think of it, the last 2 weeks haven't been all that great. Alot of crap has happened and all my friends are getting mad at each other and i can cut tention with a knife....i'm a little confused. The things i thought were solid...i'm not so sure about anymore. People you get close to, as a close friend of mine would say, start to "wither away". It's hard sometimes. I know who my real friends are, but i still wonder how and why all this change has to take place. I don't like change sometimes...but i've learned to become good frieds with it. It makes me think of people in the past that i was close with, and now its not so much as a glance in the hall and thoughts running through my mind of..."what in the hell happened to him...". Now i know what you're probably thinking...Garrett just cussed in his entry?!?!? OMG HE'S SO GOIN TO HELL!!!! Well get over it....that is just the honest thought running through my mind. I'm a pretty honest person if u haven't figured it out by now. But still....i wonder. Why does God put people in your life that are seasonal. Do we just learn from them, and then move on? Or....maybe he does it to protect us. 


August 26 2006

Meredith and I before the concert

Johnny Rzeznik...lead singer for the Goo Goo Dolls

and again!

and again!

and AGAIN!

and one more time!!!

the stage at starwood...it looked amazing

the counting crows! Haha it looks like he has no arms.


and another closeup! (these last 2 pictures were taken of the screeen...don't be fooled we weren't actually that close haha i wish).

Most of the pics were a little blurry...i don't have the best zoom on my camera. But i still managed to get a few decent ones.
So there you have it! We had a BLAST. You Birmingham people have ALOT to look forward to!!!

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days

Goo Goo Dolls

August 24 2006
Yeah, I freakin love them. I went to the show on monday with meredith...dang it was pretty much awesome. We got really decent seats (in the middle section) for the only $20 from some people that needed to get rid of tickets! It was pretty much awesome. I saw 6 people the next day wearing my same goo goo dolls shirt haha. Anyway, its good to have a computer again. I had to get mine fixed and it took them forever. So sorry if i haven't responded to comments/messages. But its late, and i need to go to bed. Talk to u all later.


August 20 2006
That's where my big bro is moving. Tomorrow. For 9 months. I won't see him for 9 months. Please have Tyler and Aaron Shew in your prayers. They are best friends of mine and its just not gonna be the same without them here. I know they have been called to a greater purpose though. That's about all for now.


August 13 2006
Senior year has started. Here is my schedule

Stage Craft - Salty
Accounting - Pruett (formerly known as Rippey)
English IV Honors - James
Virtual Enterprise - Young
Economics - Ondrus
Business Law - Teasley

I pretty much know that i am gonna like ALL of my teachers this year, which is a first for me! I have some pretty cool people in my english class, and i know a few others here and there...but for the most part, i dont know ALOT of people in my classes but thats ok...because thats a great opportunity to step out and make new friends. I eat 3rd lunch....anyone else??? It seems to me that most people are eating 2nd or 1st...but idk for sure yet. But yeah, im pretty pumped up about this year. Its gonna be tons of fun and pretty much zero stress, which is what im best at. Anyway, im out.

"When everything feels like the movies, you BLEED just to know your ALIVE" (thought that was a cool song lyric quote)

Words won't do justice for this post...

August 08 2006

I'm gonna miss yall..

They're Leaving....

August 07 2006
Now what?


July 30 2006
Everything is goin pretty well. At least I think? I've still been really busy at work, workin' all the time pretty much. Gotta go through hell and back to get a day off. There seems to be alot of confusion in my life about different things, but it's all good.Girls drive me insane. I need a guys night out, to do some manly crap. But anyway i'm not a stressing person, that part of me is gone. My car is bein so weird lately. There is this weird clicking sound coming from the engine that i can't pinpoint, and when i took it to get it fixed, the mechanics didn't hear anything.  I also took it to Audio Masters to get my stock radio back in so i can listen to my ipod while i drive. Well, it worked just fine for a few days, and then i started hearing feedback from my speakers. So i turned off the radio completely and i still heard it. So proceded to stop my car and took the key OUT OF THE IGNITION, and guess what....I STILL HAVE FREAKING FEEDBACK COMING OUT OF MY SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!! ITS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!!! I don't even know how that is possible, but it cant' be good. So if anyone knows anything that could be of help to me, let me know. Otherwise, i'm gonna have to cough up a good $300 for a new cd player and installation b/c i'm too mechanically retarded to do it myself (i tried it several times, and it didn't end well).Also i'm getting a new phone soon, so i'm sorry if u called me recently and i didn't respond. It's not b/c i don't like you, its b/c i can't answer it b/c all i will hear is blah blah blah. Some annoying 12 year old girl in brunswick had a crush on me and proceded to tell me this by dumping water all over me...and my phone. So its water logged. Anyway, some pretty cool chicas are coming up to visit me soon, and its all workin out pretty well! So I can't complain. Uhh i can't think of anything else to say, and this blog had no point to it at all, and its too long. So i'm out



"Echelon" by Pillar

Guess who's totally free next weekend?

July 28 2006


July 27 2006
The fair last night was pretty fun. Alex puked on himself lol it was pretty sick. But yeah, i really needed to get out of my house for a change!!! I love my friends...they are definately God-given. Well, i'll be working 8 hour shifts the next 3 days, which is basically a big pile of SUCK!!!! But oh well. Come by the church anytime after 2:00, and i'll be there. Anyway, g2g to work...so...HOLLA!!!!! 7 DAAAAAAAAAYS...


July 26 2006
We're goin to the county fair!!! yeah!!!! it's easy to get excited about stuff when all u have time for is work!!!!!!

NYC the place to be

July 08 2006
Off to NJ/NYC! I'll take lots of pics and have lots of stories when i come back. Until then, we could use your prayers! You can call me or text anytime you'd like. Forgive me if i don't call or text back right away though, b/c i'll be busy doing God's work!!! I will miss all of you.

Then he said to them all: If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.
              ~ Luke 9:23-24


July 06 2006
Well, my summer is going good. How bout yalls? I work the next 2 days and on saturday I leave for new york!!! It's gonna be so awesome and i'm really excited. So yeah lately i've been deprived of a few people (you know who you are) and I wanna hang out!!! Yeah so how about pretty much everyone gets to go to the beach this summer except for Garrett? How lame is that? I think just about the whole church has been up to my dad's condo to stay at the beach except for me and my mom has basically been there all summer and i'm stuck here home alone workin. Nope, no beach for me. But its ok, I won't complain b/c summer is fye and i've had more fun than...anyone. So I heard the coolest song on the radio today. It's called "Through Glass" by a band called Stone Sour (which is basically a sucky band but this one song is amazing) on 102.9 the buzz. It starts off kind of slow and then it kicks in half way through the song and its just like dude man whoa...yeah its basically my new favorite song. Go to my myspace to listen to it!!! Uhh that's about all I got for now.

I'm Rollin' With Saget baby..haha