The Condition of Society

September 15 2005
In many American schools the "Impressions" series is promoting the New Age and the occult. Some programs have students being taught that they alone are the ones who should decide if drug use is good or bad. Many school textbooks teach anti-family values, promote homosexuality, teach moral relativism, encourage sexual conduct, and, of course, instill evolution as a fact. In addition, they condemn the notion of a Christian God even being mentioned. Consider the following:
"When 10-year old Raymond Raines bowed his head and silently said grace over lunch in a St. Louis public school cafeteria, he was placed in detention for a week and told that he must eat in a room by himself if he continued to pray.
"When 30 Texas high school students gathered to pray at the flagpole before school one morning, the principal politely told them not only to leave, but to pray out of sight.
"In Illinois, a high school principal sent police to break up a similar prayer group. Two students were arrested."
Obviously, America (and the world) is in desperate need of the life changing gospel of Jesus.

I got all of that off of an interesting christian web site. It is a great place to go to do research on christianity, see what christianity has to say about other religions, and get statistics.


September 15 2005
Yeh its crazy how were not sometimes aloud to show our christianity. Our school actually every Thursday morning we have this thing called First Priority , and it's were we have worship before school, and our principal actually comes to it. So its cool that our principal agrees with it. By the way I like your song thing on your site.


September 15 2005
Happy Birthday !! ... how old are you turning tomorrow ??

Bryan Thomas

September 15 2005
Happy 17th dude.


September 16 2005
Oh my goodness!!!!! People make me so mad!!!!!!!