September 07 2005
Well...the title says it all. In about one week or dog will be dead. So with that being said...if anybody wants a short, fat, stubby little mut named Casey, then give me a call at 849-6925. We think casey is a weird mix between a golden retriever and a welsh corgey, but when we got her as a puppy, the owner told us the father was a black lab. I've just about come to the conclusion that a black lab, a golden retriever, and a welsh corgey had a threesome and one of them ended up birthing my dog lol. Sounds gross, but who could have happened lol. Heck, if u take my dog off my hands, i'll even throw in a free dog collar, feeding bowl, brush, and a pair of toenail clippers (which my dog despises...the last time I tried to use those things, my dog nearly bit my head off). But really, with all that being said, she is a great loyal and faithful dog. She is about 8 years old but she's goin strong. The only reason we're gettin rid of her is b/c people from a nearby neighborhood were complaining about her crapping in their yards (we trained her to crap in other people's yards and not our own lol...good dog!) So somebody PLEASE take my dog! I would hate to see her be given away to the pound for lethal injection. So i'm pretty much obligated to get rid of her. Who knows, if nobody takes her, I might just sell her on ebay. Lol, but the package cost would probably be around $800 to ship her b/c she weighs so much lol. I don't have a pic of the dog, but just picture in your head a hotdog. Then add golden fur, about 200 lbs, a head and a tail, and some very short legs. There ya go, u got Casey. Well that's enough info about my dog. But she is up for CALL NOW!!! 849-6925


September 14 2005
haha, it sounds like a jerry springer episode with your dog. u dont know who the father is. lol