Kiss it Goodbye...

August 10 2005
Well I am kissing summer goodbye until next year. This has been the best summer yet that i've had. So many good times...I wish it wouldn't end. I will be excited about the first half day of school tomorrow. But once I get back and see everybody and what classes I have and with whome I have them with then it will get boring and i'll be ready for summer to start back again....its like that for me every year. I know Junior year will be tough even though i'm not exactly taking SUPER challenging classes like alot of my friends (I like to make it as easy as possible on myself...mostly b/c i'm just lazy). Here's what i'm taking if anybody cares.

English III Honors
Alegebra II Honors
U.S. History Standard
Spanish II
Principals of Tech
Webpage Design

So i'd say about 2 possibly 3 of those classes will be break classes for me. If U.S. History is easy, then that will be a huge relief. I am really excited to see some people, but like I said, the excitement will die after a few days. But the first and last days of school are always the best ones! After school tomorrow me clint and all my boys are goin out to eat at if anybody else wants to come gimme a holla it will be fun. Later yall -



August 10 2005
Sounds like a good schedule. What happened to science though? Are you waiting till next year to take it?

Nathan Moore

August 10 2005
enjoy high school while you can...


August 10 2005
lol its gonna be an interesting year


August 10 2005
oh junior i do not miss it!


August 11 2005
haha no i didnt kick him or hit him at all....i just yelled. but i wish i had kicked him..cause he deserved it. and it wasnt a dream lol