The Devil in Me

June 07 2005
Ok everybody needs to leave me a comment and tell me what they think about this AMAZING song by Ryan Horne. It talks about Jesus' point-of-view of the crucifixion. I know readin song lyrics can get annoying but please this song is worth it!!!!

Ryan Horne "The Devil In Me"

I can hear a baby crying in the crowd that stares at Me
They all lift their middle finger as they yell "Just make him bleed"
And it kills me when I see a child ask their daddy why
Then he turns and whispers softly that this man deserves to die

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me."

I can see the men are cursing while they shake their fist in hate
As they cry out "Damn you God I wish that You were not this late."
I can see night thru their bodies at their souls with which I made
Then I yell out "Father help Me, I will die for them today."

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me"

As I carry this old rugged cross here down this dusty road
I can see the hill where I will hang, it's where I need to go
It's been so hard to say "I love you" when you spit all on My face
but I'll hang here all alone to die to show Amazing Grace

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me"

I am all alone, I here to die
I've seen your face just pass Me by
I watch My children stare while I just bleed
I am on My own, unbroken bones,
But My bodies been so bruised and stoned
By men who seem to think that don't need Me

But I am alive, yes I am alive

Cari Jennings

June 07 2005
word. thanks for the advice. i kinda figured. ethan frome wasn't all bad...

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

June 07 2005
woah. dude. those lyrics are amazing.


June 09 2005
nice song lyrics & why am i garbage? lol


June 09 2005
haha.. perfectly understandable.. i would have gotten mad too

cole brown

June 09 2005
GARRETTTT!!! you totally rock my face offff..i love you=]