UT Knox

December 22 2006
Well I just got admitted into UT Knoxville! Even though I decided not to go there in was kind of an "in your face" to my mom because she told me i wouldn't get in. BOOYA!


December 23 2006
moms need booyas every now and then too. Booya momma haynes... booya indeed.


December 24 2006
hahah yeuh!!!! HAHAHAH well I love ur pic comments.. hahah tommy likey.. that was pretty funny I might have to say so myself, anyway I <3333 u . Happy cmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 25 2006
yeh santa was pretttttttttty good to me this year lol , he just forgot to wrap you in a box to put under the tree.. haha thats the only thing that was missing haha :)