so long ford probe...

December 09 2006

Time to get a truck!

meredith taylor

December 09 2006
WOW!!! I'm so glad that you are okay!!! goodbye to the car!!!! well have a better day!!!!!!

Nathan Moore

December 09 2006
that looks pretty bad...

Ben Moser

December 09 2006
been there...

Chelsea Turner

December 09 2006
dang that sucks... but you were oksy and thats all that matters.


December 09 2006
garretttttttt im so glad you are ok after all that.i bet that was really scary, i would be freaked out if that happened to me, they would probably have to take me to the hospital, not bc of being hurt but of having like a panic attack or something lol .. but you know i would be making a trip up to mboro to hang with you at the hospital if you werent ok...BUT YOUR OKAY! so PRAISE JESus :) now the little probe isnt, but its ok, now you can get that truck you have always wanted :) well i love you and i kow i have said this like 5 times, but im REALLY happy you are ok! i will talk to you soon! <3 u lots -liz

eddie sally

December 10 2006
oh boy. glad you are ok. what kind of truck u looking to get?

Hunter Morgan

December 10 2006
Dang dude. I'm glad to see that you're alright.


December 11 2006
OMG that looks like it hurt the probe but i'm glad it didn't hurt you

Clint Nadeau

December 12 2006
I can't believe you got that mad and threw your car! You beast!

ami driver

December 13 2006
oh darlin.. im glad youre ok.. reallyyy scary. i dont want my garrrett haynes hurt! loveee you..


December 14 2006
i come already gift wrapped with the little paking peanuts in the box and everything, overnight shipping. even a bow on top of my head ..what deal. haha you definatly couldnt find me anywhere else... lol