September 26 2006
whose ready for that vacation....

Andrea Leigh

September 27 2006
ME!! I neeeed it desperately. :o)


September 27 2006
Freaking yes! oh man I can't wait


September 27 2006
i definatly do not have a vacation.. so , yes im ready for one, but it looks like the closest one right now is thanksgiving... lol BUT.. how bout, IM READY FOR GARRETT TO HURRY UP AND GET DOWN HERE! haha.. its going to be great :) cant wait!- liz


September 27 2006
I CANT WAIT EITHER, EVEN THOUGH I dont have a break , but I get to see yo boooooootiful face !!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHaaaaaaaaaaaaa excitement, I wish all them were coming down here, John and Kaitlin betta sometime soon , and Ben and them , cause there mucho hilarious. But I love u buddy , and I am very blessed to have u as one of my great friends. <333 always your sister foreverrrrr sarah

kaitlin gay

September 27 2006
HA. me. =)