this is my emo update of the month for all those who care enough to read it

August 31 2006
So this week hasn't been the best week. Come to think of it, the last 2 weeks haven't been all that great. Alot of crap has happened and all my friends are getting mad at each other and i can cut tention with a knife....i'm a little confused. The things i thought were solid...i'm not so sure about anymore. People you get close to, as a close friend of mine would say, start to "wither away". It's hard sometimes. I know who my real friends are, but i still wonder how and why all this change has to take place. I don't like change sometimes...but i've learned to become good frieds with it. It makes me think of people in the past that i was close with, and now its not so much as a glance in the hall and thoughts running through my mind of..."what in the hell happened to him...". Now i know what you're probably thinking...Garrett just cussed in his entry?!?!? OMG HE'S SO GOIN TO HELL!!!! Well get over it....that is just the honest thought running through my mind. I'm a pretty honest person if u haven't figured it out by now. But still....i wonder. Why does God put people in your life that are seasonal. Do we just learn from them, and then move on? Or....maybe he does it to protect us. 

beth cooper

August 31 2006
hmm ive felt the same about these last few weeks. and it doesnt help that these weeks have been going soooo slow. but at least we have a 3 day weekend. ( : and theres no way to tell why God does the things he does. i think he does everything to teach a lesson or show some good or bad trait in order to allow you to grow and learn and become stronger with each new experience.

Rebekah Minor

August 31 2006
for one, i dont think hell is a bad word...its a place and its REAL! secondly, yes, God definetely puts people in our life that are seasonal!!! He has something specific that He wants to teach us and something He wants to teach them. it sucks, but i've had people in my life for a week that greatly impact it, and then, its over. yeah, it sucks, but its just Gods plan and we have little control over that.

kelsey shearron

September 01 2006
i hate that season thing with going to have to say its his protection..and All things are for his glory..-kels