August 13 2006
Senior year has started. Here is my schedule

Stage Craft - Salty
Accounting - Pruett (formerly known as Rippey)
English IV Honors - James
Virtual Enterprise - Young
Economics - Ondrus
Business Law - Teasley

I pretty much know that i am gonna like ALL of my teachers this year, which is a first for me! I have some pretty cool people in my english class, and i know a few others here and there...but for the most part, i dont know ALOT of people in my classes but thats ok...because thats a great opportunity to step out and make new friends. I eat 3rd lunch....anyone else??? It seems to me that most people are eating 2nd or 1st...but idk for sure yet. But yeah, im pretty pumped up about this year. Its gonna be tons of fun and pretty much zero stress, which is what im best at. Anyway, im out.

"When everything feels like the movies, you BLEED just to know your ALIVE" (thought that was a cool song lyric quote)

meredith taylor

August 13 2006
your right i do stress a lot. i just second guess my self a whole lot. and i have a case of the what if's too!!! ahhahahha~!!! i guess i just need to pray and give it all to God. it is so hard!!!! ahhhahah see you later! left a comment on ur myspace....check it out!!!


August 13 2006
sorry 2nd lunch haha


August 13 2006
no way that is like my favorite lyric in that song.. goo goo dolls so have like the best lyrics ...everrrrrrrrr.. gosh i just love them .. im glad you like them :) i wish you could come to the concert with me!

Chelsea Turner

August 14 2006
so is buisness law going to be hard?? or is looking pretty easy?


August 15 2006
well today it started at 10 for the junior and seniors... otherwise we start at 8:00.... ugh

eddie sally

August 17 2006
today i was sitting at the light at rutherford and 96. i look to my right and you were right beside me. i roll down my window and start yelling your name. but it was no use because you had your windows up and were singing.

eddie sally

August 19 2006
i havent been doing much. just working. getting ready for school as well.


August 20 2006
yeh i know.... i would have a really hard time with that.. i cant even imagine, i will pray for you and your family and also your brother and aaron.. they are going to do some amazing things there... like amazing doesnt even suit it, bc god is more then amazing.. whoa .. im excited for them! that is going to be a really <b>cool</b> experience.. i will talk to you soon g . <b>love you lots - liz </b> :)