July 03 2006
the things that i want to say, i can't say. it's like keeping a secret that u are dying to tell, but u know its too dangerous to say anything. Some stuff u just have to keep inside for a while, until its safe to let out and the time is right. people get hurt easily, people get angry, and emotions rise. my good news could be someone elses bad news.i have to think of others first.until then, i guess God is teaching me patience. yep, that's about it for now.

beth cooper

July 03 2006
hmmm...if theres somthing that you want to say but cant then write it down that way you still get everything out but you arent telling anybody.

meredith taylor

July 03 2006
HEY!!!! 2morrow is the 4th and we get to shoot off FIREWORKS!!! gah you got to love them!!! sry my phone is so jacked up. so if you called me about the lake i didn't get it cuz it won't even turn on now. which sux. anyways, hopefully i will see you at abi's today!!!


July 04 2006
i love the song you put on here... its a good one i hope you have a fun fourth of july :) i will talk to you later ! love youuuuuuuuuuuuu-liz