LIfe is good...eternal life is better

June 25 2006
Figured I would name my title after the really cool song by stellar kart!!! Well anyway right now life is going pretty good! I have been working a ton the past few days and I work all this week except for tuesday. So basically I will have a ton of money and no life. But its all good, b/c i like money haha. We can always use some of that i guess. Today was my day off so I went to kaitlins to see her new boxer puppy which is basically the coolest and then to the church vbs kickoff and then to starbucks for like 2 hours!!! So I wanna make a shout out to Sarah Simmons and Elizabeth Bell who I can't wait to see!!!! Anticipation...its killing me. Well anyway, the song of the day is "Where Did I Go Wrong" by Martin Sexton (the live version of course) so go listen to it!!!!! I can't get enough of it. Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!


June 25 2006
haha...thanks gare

beth cooper

June 25 2006
that song is so awesome! i think livin on a prayer might be my favorite though.

kaitlin gay

June 26 2006
garrett haynes.<br> you KNOW i was just joking. i totally know that yall get stuff done at work because yall are there all the freaking time. dad says that he sees yall all the time. i was just kidding =) im sorry that i made you post that very long comment, because i know that yall work hard. hmm.. come play with my doggie again! he is definitely growing on me. we snuggled this morning. i think we are going to keep him!!


June 26 2006
i love that song.. im sorry you are having to work so much, today i counted and unstapled, and stapled, and recored.. blah.. blah.. coupons for like 5 hours.. yeh that was so boring, and i still need to keep working........ugh. at least im getting paid. and i cant wait to see you :) thank you for that wonderful shout out :) haaha love you! - liz

Aaron Massey

June 27 2006
dude, that's awesome!!!!! that's down right sweet.. i wish i had cool dreams like that. lol.