March 12 2006
Here's my update on DBS Formal. Me and Meredith, Ben and Kristen, and Ami and Faust had a ton of fun!!!! It was kind of nerve racking being presented in front of all those people, feeling like a celebrity on stage with everybody taking pictures of you. But we had a blast! We ate at Demos' for dinner and ihop for breakfast, which was great. We didn't end up taking a limo but instead we rode in the back of derek's '06 dodge charger which was pretty sweet. To cut a long story shot, it was amazing and I wouldn't have traded that night for anything. Thanks for everyone who came to see us get presented and special thanks to the Drivers for letting us use their house and for all they do! Here are the pictures....

Me and Meredith on Ami's steps

Meredith and I in the auditorium before being presented

Meredith and I inside Ami's house

Me, Ben, and Derek

Meredith, Kristen, and Ami

Charlie's Angels

The guys throwin it up

The girls TRYING to throw it up


All of us in ami's yard!

Same as first picture except zoomed out

Staring contest....ben lost

While we were waiting in the lobby (for a very, long time) faust got a little sleepy. Ami is getting ready to smack him awake.

Mere and I in the back seat of faust's charger

ben and teeters

Isn't she gorgeous?

Ami shoving the rose down Faust's throat

That's why they call me G-MUNY

Me with the rose

Me and schaller keepin it real

Me and Amy Roeger after presentations

Haha what a couple of dorks!

Katherine and Trent TRYING to dance lol.

Well that's it!!! Hope u enjoyed those!


kaitlin gay

March 12 2006
ahhh.. TOO much fun =) im so glad that you had a good time.. hope you have a good rest of the night, and i will see you in the morninggg!

Rachael Vance

March 12 2006
aww..very good! glad y'all had such a good time!

ami driver

March 13 2006
thats awesome. simply awesome.. gah we had so much fun.. love you hero!!

Ashleigh Glaze

March 14 2006
Yeah I'm warming up to it, I still have to stay loyal to xanga sorry but I like this thing, cya tomorrow -Ashleigh