February 21 2006
So today is tuesday. The anberlin concert is tonight at rocketown, but its sold out. I was gonna go to the chris tomlin/matt redman concert at the ryman, but I can't. I'm broke as a joke. I need a job. Badly. On the flip side....tomorrow night is the night of the AO/Diversion live cd recording "At All Costs!" It's gonna be soooooo cool! Yesterday for bible study we went and layed hands on all of the band members and prayed with them so that was really cool and we also got to see them practice and oh my gosh let me tell you....yall are in for a heck of a show. It's gonna be amazing! I hope to see everyone there at 6:30 wednesday in the AO space!

John Dunahoo

February 21 2006
hey man i just wanted to say thank you so much for praying for me and Zach that was such an encouragement... tomorrow night will be definitly an awesome night to be unified as a college and youth ministry and to offer worship through song, prayer, and any other action the Lord tells us to do... may His Spirit rain down on us


February 21 2006 sorry i left my mom came in and started talking to me.

the brian king kenobi

February 22 2006
nice profile pic.