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im way too lazy to do my page

November 08 2005

man i never update this junk.  its not cuz im busy either.  i jus forget.  and oh yeah im reeeal lazy.  cya

Betsy Mcmahan

November 08 2005
lol...i hope you had a great day Josh!

Elisabeth Barber

November 27 2005
Joshua<33 good seeing you at random places. I cant believe your not graduating with us :( saddens me. I absolutely adore you though..keep in touch with me!


December 02 2005

Jesse Robinson

December 03 2005
Hey what superlative did you get??? Your pics from loveless are really funny:) Have a great day

Sara Shaban

January 06 2006
hah ure near me

Chris Slate,

February 03 2006
i know ur name from somewhere... hmm...

julie anne neely

March 18 2006
hey! well uhh just stoppin by!

Drew Mitchell

March 26 2006
Betcha can't beat my 148/150 on the C.S. Lewis Research Paper for Goodwyn !