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March 11 2006

Most people our age would be counting down to the day they turn eighteen...the day they become legal and an independent adult. Why am I so different then? Last night Herschel and I were playing pool and he said something about two Wednesdays from now and how excited I must be. I just stared at him like he was a nut and racked my brain for what in the world he was talking about {You know those great blonde moments}. He returned the look and rolled his eyes telling me "It's your birthday goob!"

Who would have known that the birthday is creeping up on me? I don't like birthdays...well my own at least... and I do not like celebrating it either. On the other hand I love to do a bunch of stuff for other people. I love kidnapping {Cameron} throwing bashes at church {David and Joy} or just being goobs together {Herschel}. My parents are wanting to know what I I want to celebrate it...yadda yadda. I don't know and quite frankly I don't care.

No I lie. There is one thing I want to do on my birthday, but out of the respect for Cameron won't do until after prom. I'm going to get my first tattoo. Woot. Kind of cliche but who gives a rip? I've been designing my own tattoo since I was 14 and have had many a design but I have settled for something I can add onto in the future if I want to. It also honors the memory of my grandmother {who died recently} so I'm excited.

Other than that Herschel has to go in for surgery for his thumb and hand on Firday, March 17th. I'm scared to death, I know he and his family are too.  Please pray for him ya'll... even if you don't know him. Although it is an in/out patient surgery he's out of commission for 12 weeks because of the nature of the operation... In other words we are going to have to amuse eachother until mid JUNE! Oi!

Thanks for listening to my rambling.... 


March 13 2006
happy early birthday.