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le sigh

August 26 2006
is it just me or i am the only one ready for school to start back? oh well, i just wanted to tell all the chippies that left the boro goodluck and to all the incoming freshman at MTSU. once you learn the ropes it will all come easily. jus make sure u check the room numbers before u go in, theres is nothin more embarrassing than walkin into the wrong class and not realizing it til it starts. just fyi lol. but i love you all and i wont see you at church i will be workin a 12 hour shift at Aramark. but swing by the freshman picnic 2morrow afternoon im sure to be there with buffets galore lol! anyway ttyl!


August 26 2006
no I want classes to start back. I'm ready, and have been since like the beginning of Aug. I can't wait till Soc. Fun Times! Lets hope we don't get in tooo much trouble:-P


August 26 2006
I was actually much more interested in school two or three weeks ago than I am now... lol. And it was not your acting, silly, so don't say that!

Jessica Goss

August 27 2006
Not to much, you? I'm ready for school to start back too. The only bad thing about school starting back is I have 8 AM classes everyday. Eww.