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freakin out here!!!

June 29 2006

okay guys, party is still on...

but i am freakin out!
im gonna have bills! im gonna have to buy groceries and clean and cook and be domesticated! and it is startin to scare me that 2nite is the last night i live in the house as a resident, at least for the time being u know... guys please pray i dont have a nervous breakdown.

p.s. both my parents have already had extremely teary moments, and it kills me that im doin it to them... then i must remember that they wont wake me up at 7 on saturday and i can remain composed for a bit.

other than that things are pretty good, class ends next Wednesday so thats good. then work work work til school starts again, gotta make rent now, and electric, and water, and cell phone bill, and gas! dang its tough to be on ur own...


June 29 2006
You'll do fine, just remember, breathe in, breathe out...


June 30 2006
You'll be fine! Besides you won't be a nurse anymore and won't be studying 24/7. The only reason why I haven't moved out yet! See ya Saturday!! The trick about the water.... is to take short showers!! Hehe.


June 30 2006
Don't listen to them, you won't be fine. This will be worse than you can possibly imagine... my work here is done.