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the verdict is in...

May 08 2006

well it seems that my GPA is exactly as it was b4 i started this spring semester. oh the irony. even with the D i got in A & P II. but oh well now i dont need it anymore so no harm no foul. i am crazy excited about work and stuff. AND my new apartment which i hope to be moved into by July 1st if all goes according to plan. heres hoping... but nonetheless my ankle is healing thank goodness. i have been limping around for about a week and got some very odd looks at the airport from people staring at my leg. since i was wearing jeans u couldnt see the brace on it, so people couldnt tell why i was a little off. but oh well, dont care lol. no big deal to me. but anyway 2morrow zachary comes home!!! yay!!! this has been an excellent vacation, and much needed after finals and working 80 hours in 2 weeks including said finals kinda burns a person out all at once. but im great now and ready to start the summer though i guess technically it has already started. but oh well summer class doesnt start til like the 8th of june so i have a tiny break. but anyway i hope to see u all soon. i love you!!!

oh and heres how the verdict came:
A & P II:               D
Chem 1030:           B
Theat 1030:           A
Hist 2020:              B
Eng 1020:              A


May 08 2006
Good thing you don't need A&P 2 anymore! What summer class are you taking?


May 08 2006
Pray to God that you can get lucky on purge day and get someone other than Casal for 3000. That's the only reason why I'm not taking 3000 this next semester... she was the only one left when I registered. Who's your teacher for 2030?


May 08 2006
Dubek is good. I guess a spot opened up b/c they weren't avaliable when I registered. I think my mom knows Kates...


May 08 2006
5th of june for summer school 2