harder than it sounds

August 14 2005
"All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
- Helen Keller

I remind myself of this quote every time I have to force myself to walk away from the one I committed to love. I was surprised by my reaction this morning - I thought I was long past a pounding heart and a fluttering stomach. I remember well the day I chose to love him - I knew it was a risk, I knew I might get hurt - I weighed all the options, examined all the alternatives and chose to love him anyway. Not the immature and situational kind of love that we see so often glorified in our society - real, genuine, unconditional love that extends beyond circumstances. So, it is no wonder that walking away from him has created so much havoc in my life. I have full confidence in God's sovereignty, and I know that His plan will prevail. It breaks my heart that he has strayed so far from the God that loves him and I know that I cannot allow him to take me down that road with him - so please pray for him (most of you can do that by name). I am doing fine, having to adjust, but God is so faithful to walk beside me every step of the way - my biggest concern is for his spiritual walk - i want him to make it back to the top of the spiritual "mountain" where we met.


August 14 2005
i love you! and you're both in my prayers!


August 24 2005
jennifer- wow. that just spoke right to my heart. it's so encouraging to hear those words. i don't know the specifics of the situation but i'll be praying for him. -lauren

Rachael Vance

August 28 2005
yeah, i thought about it in church this morning. im sorry. u r my hero, so if u need me to pray..just ask. i am npraying for the whole situation. i love u!