Here We Go Again!

April 01 2006

It's amazing how one fifteen minute phone call can erase all the "progress" that was made in the last two months. I thought this song (as it so ironically came up on random IPOD shuffle on the way home) was fitting to the occasion.

I guess I lost my sense of direction again
'Cause all I see are footprints
that look strangely like my own
I'm digging deeper the more I run
And the longer I'm out here
The more I'm alone
And now I stand in the place where I began
And all I see behind me is a circle in the sand
I'm dying slowly, take my hand
And lead me out of this circle                                                                  Solomon's Wish- "Circle in the Sand" 

Rachael Vance

April 24 2006
aww...i'm sorry!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

the brian king kenobi

July 03 2006
mommy . . . i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you . . . !

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
what are you up to these days?


November 27 2006
Pennington and Dunn. What are your thoughts on them? I'm actually majorly thinking about minoring in psych now.