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psycho/awesome dance teacher

July 24 2008
So tonight I had my first technique dance class...and I made it! They already had half a dance so I had to learn that plus tonight's, but it was still really fun. I do have to wear leotards and tights and ballet shoes to every class, but I've always wanted to wear all the cool dance clothes. I just never had a reason for them. Now I do, and I'm so excited. It was a little overwhelming though. I have this folder thing that I have to bring to every class. There's all these rules for the dance team. I also have to remember which class I have that night so I wear the right shoes. 4 dances+1 technique class=a lot of shoes. I never knew there could be so many French words for simple and not-so-simple dance moves. And I also didn't know that technique never changes. You just alter the technique for each dance genre. That's about the only thing I learned tonight that I remember. Oh, I almost forgot! My dance teacher is like the dance teacher I've always wanted-crazy and cool and pyscho all in one. She's super skinny and old. It's great. lol So yeah, that's my first dance class for this year experience.  

Erin:: lub my flower.

July 25 2008
thats really cool. i always wanted to do that stuff.. :)