Relationship Status


school...oh joy!

May 05 2008

period 1: World History

period 2: Creative Writing
period 3: Physical Science Honors
period 4: Writing Skills
period 5:
period 6:
period 7:

People You Mostly Talked To During:
period 1: Sydnee, Tyler, Maggie
period 2: Sydnee, Gen, Sam
period 3: Teddy, Keri, Batey
period 4: no one
period 5:
period 6:
period 7:


Random Questions:

Who was your favorite teacher?
today - no one

Who annoyed you most during 3rd period?

Who did you sit with at lunch?
Sydnee, Batey, Gorzny
Are you most likely to fall asleep or not pay attention?
not pay attention

Which class did you get the most homework?

Which class were you the most hyper?
creative writing

What was your favorite class?

Do you like lunch?
ugh, gross!

Do you like going to school?
To see my my friends.

Who sits behind you in Period 3?
Cardona's plants.

How many kids are in your Period 2?
Like 35 something.

What teacher do you dislike the most?
Mr. Trondsen grrr

Can you talk in your 3rd period?
we're technically not supposed to, but we do anyway

Who sits next to you in 5th period?
i don't have a 5th period
Who sits in front of you in 6th?
i don't have a 6th period

Summarize your year in three words?
lots of stress

What do you hope next year is gonna be like?
less stressful, more fun

What do you hope will change next year?
Have more classes with my friends.